Children’s Soft Play in Hatfield minutes from Welwyn Garden City.

Hatfield Kids FunZone offers excitement for your children in a safe play centre.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the maximum occupancy of the FunZone

    A 40 Children.

  • How many adults can attend a party

    A We do not count adults in as the majority drop and leave but if parents wish to stay, they are welcome. Please just be aware that the chairs the parents use are the same chairs the children use at the end of the party when they eat. So, parents will have to stand for the last 40 minutes.

  • Is squash and cups provided

    A Yes, free squash and cups are provided for your party.

  • How many tables are there in the FunZone

    A The FunZone has 8 tables.
    4 x large (10 children) 1 x large – (8 children) – 3 x small (6 x children)

  • Can we play our own music

    A Yes, we have a stereo you can use in the FunZone, just ask staff.

  • Can we decorate

    A You and one other may gain entry 15 minutes before your party starts – to decorate.

  • Can we use candles

    A Yes but not the re-lighting type.

  • Do we need to bring a knife for the cake

    A No – we have a cake cutting knife you can use here.

  • Do children have to wear socks

    A Yes, all children MUST wear socks, we also advise long sleeves top’s and full length trouser if they wish to use the slides.

  • How many highchairs are there in the FunZone

    A There are 4 highchairs within the FunZone for you to use.

  • Is the FunZone staffed throughout the party

    A Yes, a member of staff is always present, there is also a first aider within the building.

  • Can we order in Pizza – McDonalds etc

    A Yes, we are happy for your to bring in or have fast food delivered to Birchwood Leisure Centre. AL10 0AN.

  • Does the FunZone have a lighter we can use for candles

    A Yes we do, please ask the FunZone staff member.

  • Can I get hot drinks for parents

    A Yes there is a café on site where drinks can be purchased or a tab can be set up.